About Cassidy Newkirk 

Cassidy Newkirk is a young Wyoming artist whose beginnings started out humbly in a small ranching community. She is fifth generation on her family’s ranch. Growing up with a passion of the west and the lifestyle she called home. Surrounded by a proud military family, Newkirk had great respect for the Veterans. With a passion for nose art, pin ups, aviation and military history, Newkirk strives to preserve those lost stories. Upon graduation Newkirk’s family encouraged her to go to college to pursue her passion in art. While there, Newkirk began using her roots as inspiration for her studies.  

With her love of art, Newkirk began capturing the moments that surrounded her. Looking for unique experiences to hold within a frame. With a camera in hand, sketch book or paint brush, she began preserving the stories she saw. From the Wyoming West to military experiences and the moments in between. Her world filled local galleries and show cased true western life. A tradition that was sadly becoming a dying breed.  As well as the lost stories and voices of those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. 

Currently working as an artist, alongside her paintings, Newkirk continues to create based upon her home. With her family ranch over one hundred years old, she strives to keep the moments alive through her art. As well as the rancher's stories around her. With a tight knit community supporting her, Newkirk continually gives back. 

As well as continuing her love for Veterans, she founded A Forgotten Voice Foundation. Giving back to those that gave the most. She continues to work with Pearl Harbor and the survivors of the USS Arizona. Re-releasing her famous painting in order to continue to donate money to the research of the ship, the preservation and the DNA analysis of the unknowns graves return home. 

Striving to capture the stories, Newkirk is still working, still experiencing, and still preserving. 

© 2019 By Cassidy Newkirk